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Colorado Ballet


Colorado Ballet Opens 2011/12 Season - Mosina Stunning As Odette and Odile

Photograph by David Andrews

On October 7 the Colorado Ballet opened their 2011/12 season with an opulent and audience pleasing presentation of Swan Lake, as entrenched in Maurice Petipa's and Lev Ivanov's choreography. The sets, costumes, and ceremony were all an audience could ask for, and on opening night Maria Mosina shined brightly as the first fearful, then trusting, then betrayed Odette (the White Swan) and as the total vamp Odile (the Black Swan). The difficulty in embodying both of those roles has been popularized to the point of hyperbole in a current movie - "The Black Swan." Mosina's solos/variations and duets were not only spot on technically, but the contrasting emotions within the Odette character, as well as in Odile were totally apparent. She was partnered well by Alexei Tyukov (as Prince Siegfried) and used the stability he provided in duets and the pas de deuxs to shine. Mosina said as much with her head as with her entire body, and in duet phrases repeated as both characters, had her extensions cum arabesques so perfect that she seem to meld and flow with Tyukov.

Throughout the ballet Tyukov was close to technically perfect, his variations filled with stunning leaps with breathtaking "hang times." In contrast to Mosina's clear emotions, Tyukov seemed barely present past that technique - even detached - with a face and body almost not caring as Mosina's Black Swan vamped him in every way. Only when he knew he had lost Odette and decided to follow her into the Netherland did he seem at all concerned.

Gregory Gonzalez was a wonderfully evil and conniving Rothbart, a role enhanced by a stunning costume. When present he was so present. When lurking a total lurker, and even his whispers to Odile seemed to read total evil. Lorita Tavaglia was a magnificent Queen, and used her gestures to totally dominate her son Tyukov. Her disgust at his inability to choose a bride and her resignation to his choosing Odile so very apparent.

Viacheslav Buchkovskly was excellent as Siegfried's friend Benno, and seemed able to transmit his feelings of loyalty and concern for his friend past the movement. His variations and duets with Dana Benton and Asuka Sasaki in the second act pas de trios were wondrous and Benton and Sasaki delightful partners. At times Buchkovskly's solo variations got well ahead of the music as he seemingly waited for and signaled for cues that Conductor Adam Flatt did not see, and then just decided to "go." The Cygnets as embodied by Benton, Casey Dalton, Sally Turkel, and Caitlin Valentine-Ellis were delightful and precise in their galloping movement phrases.

And the entire Ballet was melded into Tchaikovsky' amazing music score as played by the Colorado Ballet Orchestra.

If you love ballet, and especially Classical Ballet, the 2011 Colorado Ballet version of Swan Lake is a must see.

Donald K. Atwood

Copyright World Dance Reviews 2011

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